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"Moments are timeless, why not capture it."

No moment is the same. Nor can time be turned back to repeat experiences. Yet, with a click of the shutter....moments can be captured.  All memories and feelings frozen within a frame to be cherished forever through the art of photography....

Photography pillars...
          •a craft to create images and bring life to 
            the most mundane to grandiose of subjects
          •a passion to capture and externalize the     
            vision of the eyes behind the lens 
          •a duty to share to the world, the beauty in          

From a city skyline that easily takes ones breath away giving testament to man's ingenuity to a portrait of a salesman of Bangladesh, every wrinkle unfolding a story of his hard work or close up of a tiny flower bathing in its morning dew.   Beauty is in the details of striking views and overlooked simple pleasures. 

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